We often get travelers taking more than one of our tours during their stay here in Iceland. In the last weeks we toured 3 days with Vanessa & Mathew and then two days with Amy, this is what they had to say about us.


“Trip of a lifetime thanks to Moonwalker.

My boyfriend and I did 3 amazing day trips in late September. Bessi was always right on time exactly outside our hotel. We were lucky to have no one else on our tour the first and last day so it was completely personalized. He took us to all the main sights and other surprises along the way and always took us to great spots to eat as well. Bessi allowed us to take our time and go quickly through which ever sights we wished for. He has extreme knowledge on Iceland and answered all our questions. It felt like we were riding in the car with our friend the entire time, he’s very easy going and funny. The entire time we felt 100% safe and knew we were in good hands. His music selection is also great, ask him to play his Viking metal haha.

Our 1st trip was golden circle and we had an amazing time. The defender was amazing to experience we did a crazy drive to the glacier and back which in itself was an experience. He took us to a great place to warm up afterwards with the best soup ever. Thanks!!

The second day we did south coast and had another group of two guys with us as well from NY. We still got a personalized experience with bessi even though the other group honestly didn’t seem all that interested or even fascinated at the sights. Maybe it’s just me but I was in awe of everything Iceland. My boyfriend and I took our sweet time taking photos and taking in the sights never were we rushed or hurried along which was great. Bessi again will amaze and throw in surprises along the way as well as making sure everyone always felt included in conversations and activities.

Our third trip was snaefellsnes. Truly amazing sights and we couldn’t have ended our trip on a better note. Bessi told us to watch out for northern lights that night and advised us to go find a dark alley or parking lot to view them better. And sure enough our walk to dinner we ran into a dark lot and got the most amazing display of northern lights!!!
I can’t wait to return to Iceland and do another trip with Moonwalker

If you do end up doing a group tour with a bigger company I advise you to not do it after a day with moonwalker. One of our day trips of a glacier hike and climb got completely ruined by another company and we were given a complimentary game of thrones bus tour. After being with bessi a bus packed with 50 people was pure torture. We had no waiting with bessi, bathroom breaks whenever we wished, options for food and just pure comfort. I would have rather be with moonwalker!!”


“Where’s the option to give more than 5 stars?

In short, if you don’t book with Moonwalker, you are missing out.

I did 2 tours (Golden Circle and Snaefellsness) with Moonwalker while I was in Iceland and not only were they the best I did, but I wish my schedule had worked out to do even more. Touring with Bessi was like riding around with a friend, with no awkwardness or forced conversation at all. We saw all the ‘normal’ sights on each tour, along with some extra surprise / unplanned stops that 1) the bigger tours would never go to / stop for (for example, one evening he just pulled over because the sunset was too pretty to not get a picture of) and 2) the bigger tours couldn’t get to even if they wanted to because the Land Rover is a magical secret weapon and can do anything! It is clear how much Bessi loves his country and how proud he is to show her off, as well as to show off what the Land Rover is capable of. As we said, a clean car tells no stories – and I can attest to how wet and muddy the car got during our river crossings and serious off-roading 🙂

Each tour was special in its own way. On the Golden Circle tour, the glacier drive was probably my favorite thing I did the whole time I was in Iceland. Seeing it in the distance, off-roading to get there and then to drive onto it and see the vast expanse of the ice and to drink water directly from it – really special. And in touring Snaefellsness, I can definitely understand why it is thought of as a place with spiritual healing powers – just sitting there, taking it all in, brought a lot of peace. All in all, in my two days with Bessi I experienced adventure and tranquility, lava fields and a glacier (and lots more! just looking for ends of the spectrum there), great conversations and Icelandic band recommendations, and many many memories. Both tours had only 2 people including myself (max would be 5-6, if I’m counting seats correctly) so it is a very private experience, and Bessi lets you be by yourself when you want to.

Tip: If you see something you’d like to photograph, or if there is a sight you really want to see, tell Bessi – if he can make it happen, it will happen. Both days I toured with him, I got home at least 1-2 hours later than originally thought because he lets his guests go at their own pace (again, what bus tour would do that – some leave you if you are late!) and knows it’s more about the experience than the schedule.”